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ManesLAB is a brand group driven by Web3 culture and the creator economy.

At ManesLAB, we are focused on leveraging blockchain technology to create the next paradigm shift in Web3 culture and the creator economy. We exist to support businesses and individuals with a smooth connection between Web2 and Web3, while giving them access to communities, infrastructures, consultancy services, supply chains, and all of our resources within the ecosystem of ManesLAB brand group.

Our Projects

Weirdo Ghost Gang

Weirdo Ghost Gang, aka, Lil Ghost, is one of the most popular PFP projects and Web3 brands among Asian NFT players, bringing together community members mainly from Generation Z and Alpha Generation, and gathering the strongest community consensus. Weirdo Ghost Gang is committed to making the community a fun place in Web3, transforming the previous community relationship between superiors and subordinates into a more team-like family bond. We believe that creativity is the most scarce and valuable resource in the Web3 world, and we want to benefit the creators in our own way and respect the value of creativity.

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ManeSTUDIO is an all-in-one solution for Web3 creators. It includes NFT generation, 1/1 NFT injection, metadata management, IPFS decentralized storage upload, smart contract custom deployment, blind box minting website building, etc., dedicated to solving all the coding parts in the workflow so that creators can simply focus on the creation itself.ManeSTUDIO is free to use for project creation, it charges only a 10% service fee from the primary sale earnings.

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ManesLAB has completed the acquisation of pop culture studio CutUp in October 2022.

CutUp was founded by Zhai, former Head of Operations at kiDulty. And Jake Huang, Mastermind of delicates, former Director of Pop Art Segments at YOHO!, is also joining as the brand consultant of CutUp. In ManesLAB ecology, CutUp will dedicate itself to the design and production of Web3 IPs, and build a cultural position belonging to Web3 folks in our physical world.

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ManeSPACE is a primary launchpad/market place for all projects created using ManeSTUDIO. The smart contract conforms to the mainstream NFT secondary market protocol standards such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and will be automatically synchronized after the primary sale.

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